To all our valued customers,
In accordance with advice from the Veterinary Council of Ireland and in support of recent travel restrictions implemented by the government, Moss Veterinary Hospital will be deferring all elective and non-essential procedures and consultations until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, neutering, dental cleanings and booster vaccinations. We will continue to remain open to see emergency, urgent and potentially urgent cases in the interest of animal welfare. We will continue to provide pet food and medicines as deemed necessary for treatment.
Please contact us for assistance and advice regarding your pet’s health care needs. Our current COVID-19 practice policy (see below) remains in effect regarding clients visiting the clinic. We will continue to avail of all our resources, including telephone and video consultations in order to continue to provide the best care possible. For procedures that have been postponed, we will continue to monitor the situation as regards to travel restrictions as we go forward and advise everyone accordingly. We continue to appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation during this difficult and unprecedented event.
Thank you,
Moss Veterinary Team


In our ongoing attempt to ensure we maintain a high level of service to our clients, while also providing a safe environment for everyone under the current circumstances, we have made several adjustments to our practice protocols. In addition to steps already taken to minimise and safeguard client-staff interactions in the clinic, we have implemented further changes that will hopefully allow us to continue to provide services despite the challenges that may be faced with the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these changes include:
1) We will be moving to a two-team system that will facilitate separation of staff members should anyone contract the Covid-19 infection.
2) To accommodate this, we have made some adjustments in our opening hours as follows:

  • Monday 8am – 8pm
  • Tuesday 8am – 8pm
  • Wednesday 9am – 5pm*
  • Thursday 8am – 8pm
  • Friday 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday 9am – 5pm*
  • Sunday CLOSED

3) We will continue to provide out of hours emergency services as normal, except, we will no longer be transferring patients between Moss Veterinary Hospital and other clinics for whom we provide on call services.
4) As we will be running a two-team staffing system, certain members of staff may not be available in the clinic for several consecutive days. Please contact the clinic for details.
5) We encourage all our clients to follow HSE guidelines regarding social distancing and making appropriate decisions regarding necessary public interactions. We will continue to provide all veterinary services (as practical under the circumstances), to cater for the needs of our clients and their pets.
6) For clients that prefer not to travel to the clinic, we will provide telephone and video consultations (where appropriate). Please contact the clinic for details. These will be available between 10am–2pm and 4pm-6pm Monday to Friday. Please contact the clinic for details.

While we strive to continue to provide you with the services you require, we ask your patience during these unpredictable times, as undoubtedly, further adjustments will be required as the ongoing situation develops.
Thank you,
Moss Veterinary Team



In recent days, a number of our clients have asked us about our how we intend to run our clinic during the current outbreak of Coronavirus. The policy of Moss Veterinary Hospital is to follow the advice of the Health Service Executive, and also the Veterinary Council of Ireland in order to get a balance between animal health and welfare, and the heath of the general public and our staff.

 The first thing to note is that there is no evidence that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) can infect domestic animals. Therefore, there is no risk of spread of Coronavirus to pets, and no risk that pets can incubate the virus and spread it to humans. Current HSE advice is that it is not necessary to close businesses at this time. Therefore, Moss Veterinary Hospital will remain open for all appointments and surgeries as normal, with normal opening hours. In addition, clients will be able to collect any medication or food as they usually do. We will continue to monitor the developing situation, and will follow all HSE advice. However, even if we are advised to close, we will continue to run a full emergency service, and will be available to supply all medication and food as needed.

The general advice of the HSE is based on avoiding crowded areas, and observing correct hygiene procedures. To this end, we would ask the following:

  • As much as possible, we would ask clients to bring pets to the clinic on their own, rather than bring multiple family members with them. Obviously this will prove impossible in some circumstances, as there are occasions when it necessary to have more than one person present. However, we would appreciate your assistance in reducing crowding in the clinic.
  •  In order to avoid overcrowding the waiting area, where there is most likely to be direct human contact, we would ask you to check in at the reception desk when you arrive, and then wait with your pet in the car until the vet calls you in. If that is not possible, we will endeavour to provide an alternative room for you to wait in.
  •  We would ask you to avoid coming to the clinic if you are feeling unwell, especially if you are showing any symptoms of respiratory disease, or if you have been in recent contact with a person showing respiratory symptoms. If you are unwell, and you pet needs attention, please call the clinic and we will make every effort to find a safe way to see your pet.
  •  If you need a prescription to be filled, or need to buy food, we would ask you to phone in the order in advance and if possible pay for the order over the phone. The order will then be ready for collection when you arrive, and this will minimise your waiting time.
  •  We have hand sanitisers at reception and in all consulting rooms, and clients are advised to use them according to HSE recommendations. Unfortunately we are not in a position to sell disinfectant materials to the public, as our stocks are also limited.

 As a clinic, we are following all sanitary advice issued by the HSE. This includes:

  •  Avoiding physical contact with clients as far as is practical. We apologise in advance for not shaking your hand when you come into the consulting room!
  •  Regular disinfection of waiting rooms and consulting rooms areas. This is something that we have always done on a daily basis, as we are constantly aware of the risk of the spread of disease among animals. We are increasing our focus on this area, and all public areas will be disinfected before and after ever clinic. You may rest assured that all chairs, doors, shelves etc are being regularly disinfected.
  •  Any staff who show signs of respiratory disease will be asked to stay at home, and contact their GP clinic.

 We will continue to follow HSE advice and to use our professional judgement to put reasonable and proportionate measures in place to help tackle the potential spread of Coronavirus. Should medical advice change, we will respond and change our work practices as advised.

 Thank you,

Moss Veterinary Team